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Carroussel Beauté eyelash extensions express removal gel.

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Remove easily and quickly eyelash extensions by dissolving the adhesive

With its gel texture formulated for easy application, the extension is removed by sliding, without damaging the natural lash. 

Warning: the application must be done with care, avoiding the fall of the product in the eye or on the skin. For professionals lash artists only! 


Apply patches to protect the client's lower eyelid. 

Put a drop of removal gel on your lint-free applicator.

Apply the gel on the glue dots of the extensions. 

Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes. 

Slide in the eyelash extensions using two micro-brushes. 

Remove any gel residue using new applicators and wash your client's eyes using Carroussel Beauté eyelash cleasning foam. The client's eyes should be thoroughly rinsed before opening the eyes. 

CAUTION: the client's eyes must remain closed throughout the enitre treatment.

If the product slightly irritates the your client’s eyes, dissipate the product fumes with the Carroussel Beauté USB mini fan.


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