Complete Lash Lift Kit

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Complete kit for lash lift. This kit includes all the equipment you will need to create beautiful curvy lashes for your clients.

Save up to 20 € purchasing our complete kit rather than buying individual products. 

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You will find in this kit:

  • 10 x lotions 1
  • 10 x lotions 2
  • 10 x lotions 3
  • 10 x pairs of size S silicone pads
  • 10 x pairs of size M silicone pads
  • 10 x pairs of size L silicone pads
  • 1 x silicone fixing gel for lash lift
  • 50 x lint-free applicators
  • 1 x roll of white tape
  • 10 x patches
  • 10  x lash lift combs
  • 1 x Easylift

Do not use without prior training or you could put your client at risk. 

Carroussel Beauté eyelash enhancement lotions are express formulas.

It means that the setting time is quite shorter than other brands. Between 3 and 5 minutes for each lotion.

To be used immediately after opening, do not reuse.

Although brow lift products have similar formulas, they are completely different products, with different exposure times. Do not switch the products, except for lotion 3 (Oil or Keratin) which can be interchanged.


Data sheet

1 silicone glue, 10 lotions 1, 10 lotions 2, 10 lotions 3, 10 lash combs, 50 lint-free applicators, 1 Easylift, 1 white tape, 10 patches, 10 pairs of S silicone pads, 10 pairs of M silicone pads, 10 pairs of L silicone pads.

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