Liaison parfaite - Adhesive

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Black adhesive for lash extensions, quick-dry, also suits dry work atmosphere (≤50%)

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Because our glues have a quick-dry formula, you can use them both for lash by lash application or Russian Volume.

The quick-dry formula is an advantage while applying Russian Volume extensions because it avoids the fans to stick together.

 Drying: 1-2 seconds
 Level: expert
 Thickness: fine
 Colour: black
 Hold: 4-5 weeks
 Capacity: 5ml

Use and Caution: 

The adhesives are sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. You must take into account your work environment before choosing your adhesive for long-lasting eyelash extensions. Liaison Parfaite is to use in an environment with humidity between 40 and 55% and a temperature between 19 and 24 degrees. No Carroussel Beauté adhesive will withstand a temperature above 24 degrees. 

Do not refrigerate, store away from sunlight and heat.

Shake 3 minutes before use. 

Renew your glue drops every 15-20 minutes, and shake your bottle before each use.

This lash extension adhesive keeps for 6 months after purchase and 1 month after opening.


Data sheet

5 ml
1 month after opening

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